Caldwell United Methodist Church  
Witness Ministry

The Witness Ministry is responsible for reaching out to the people in the surrounding communities to invite anyone seeking a relationship with Christ into the fellowship of our church. It is our task to make known our denomination's presence in the area and our commitment to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Witness ministers are also involved in endeavors to reach out to newcomers to make them feel welcome and to demonstrate how happy we are that they chose to worship with us. Witness ministers encourage newcomers and invite them to become a part of the body of Christ through worship and participation in one of the many ministries in the church.

Meets the 1st Monday of every month from 7:30pm to 9pm in the Guyn Room after the 7pm meeting of N.O.W. (Nurture, Outreach, Witness)

(except during Lent, July and August)

Areas of ministry which fall under Witness:  (These represent only a few of the ministries that witness oversees.)

Greeter ministry- greeters welcome all, identify newcomers, encourage registry in our visitor book

Driving ministry- Members provide transportation to and from church services for seniors and handicapped members of our congregation

Caregiver ministry- members sit with our elderly and handicapped and care for their needs during worship and coffee hour

Bread ministry - members are responsible for preparing and distributing loaves of bread to our visitors (a "thank you for coming" gift).

For More Information Contact:  Joyce Francavilla  


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