Podcast Primer


What is podcasting?

podcastIn common use, "podcasting" refers to delivering audio programs over the Internet. These programs are often similar in style and content to radio shows and are typically provided as MP3 files, but they can be any type of audio in any digital audio format. A "podcatcher" is software that allows you to subscribe to a series of related programs such as our Caldwell UMC Weekly Sermons automatically when they are made available online. Once downloaded to your computer, the programs can be easily transferred to an inexpensive portable MP3 player, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go.

Podcasting at caldwellchurch.org

Caldwell UMC weekly sermons are available anywhere you take your MP3 player. Here's a guide to getting the most from our audio offerings. In the car, walking through the park, the gym... you can enjoy Caldwell UMC Podcasts anywhere!

Getting Started

You've got a computer and an internet connection (preferably broadband) and if you want to take your Podcasts with you, you'll need a portable audio player. Now you need a software program that can manage your Podcasts; we recommend:iTunes from Apple

Download Mac or PC Version

Once you install the software on your computer you're all set to subscribe (for free) to our programs and start Podcasting! The software will keep your favorites current and should transfer the downloaded Podcasts to an audio player on your computer (iTunes, Windows Media player, etc).

Subscribe to Caldwell UMC Podcast

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Many thanks to the First United Methodist Church in Austin, TX for this excellent podcast overview!